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X-MAS in the Get Dirty style

X-MAS in the Get Dirty style

Christmas time is probably the most magical time of the year. It is wonderful to be able to spend this time with your family also while doing something creative here are some ideas which we have prepared for you 🙂

It’s snowing let’s make a snowman

A sensory processing game, which will make any child happy, especially in the winter season when we are expecting a white X-Mas, but the only thing we get from the sky is rain
We need the “Jingle Bells” song in the background.


We will need: a big plastic box or protective painting foil, potato starch – 2 kg, 1 shaving cream, 200 ml of liquid soap, some herbs and spices to decorate the snowman: whole grain pepper, some clove, a few juniper berries, some popcorn seeds or small buttons, some small sticks, or some other elements which could come in handy when making a snowman. 

We should start with mixing the 3 ingredients – starch, shaving cream, liquid soap but there is no need to use all of the shaving cream or all of the liquid soap, the proportions should be 2kg starch, a few squirts of shaving cream and about 200ml soap. You should get a substance which will make it possible to make a snowman. There is also a possibility to make some shapes using other sand moulds as we did. 

Aim: This activity improves the skillfulness of the hands and develops and builds creativity as well as perceptiveness. There is additionally a need of planning where to place the snowman or other small objects thus we practice the skill of planning and building or making the shapes in proper order when making a bigger construction.

The foot reindeer

We will need: pieces of paper, paints, colourful pom-pons, plastic eyes, some crayons and glue. In this activity we give the children the possibility of painting the foot with their finger, it allows the child to overcome the barrier of “touch” while getting the foot painted. The next step is to make a footprint, let it dry for a few min, then add the nose the eyes and draw the antlers of the reindeer.
The toes are the top of the head and the heel is where the nose should be.

Aim: A more creative approach to what children very often do instinctively, when they have access to paint. Making a handprint or a footprint when creating a reindeer is not only interesting but also gives the possibility of using some unusual ideas, encourages a creative approach. The children have a possibility to train the hand and fingers.

Balancing on a X-Mas tree

In order to play the game we only need some space, some green tape, (we have used isulating tape ), as well as some colourful decorations like cupcake paper mould. The task of the children is to first decorate the X-Mas tree which we have made on the floor (only the branches) then the next task is to walk on the branches of the tree and practice your balance. In our case the game also went in a different direction of “hunting” for some nice rustling noise which accompanied the fact of smashing the paper cupcake mould.

Aim: The excercise concentrates on large motor skills and balancing the whole body while following the tape on the X-Mas tree. 

We wish you Merry Christmas and a lot of creative ideas for spending time with relatives 🙂