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Get Dirty® Play Mat and Bag 2in1 and apron


Get Dirty® Play Mat and Bag 2in1 and Get Dirty® apron


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The Mat is designed to be used both for creational purposes as well as for storing toys and other gadgets. Due to the fact that it is made of Tyvek®, which can be machine washed at 30° playing with paint or other dirty and messy substances will be a lot of fun as the play mat is made of Tyvek® on both sides as a result not absorb any liquids.

The Mat is made of ultra sonically quilted delicately stiffened Tyvek® which will not absorb any liquids as there is no typical quilting method applied.

The Apron is seen a type of protective clothing of multiple usage.

Our Suit can be some kind of help for mothers who want to nurture the development of their children but are tired of continuous changing of clothes “just because the child wanted to have some fun” . It is also seen as some kind of solution for daily care centres for children, kindergartens, schools or special art-sensory workshops where children are given different dirty liquids, sticky substances to play with. 

After the adventure with paints and other messy substances you can just simply hand wash the suit or wash it at 30° in a washing machine. Some of the marks or stains may not come off such as permanent markers or a normal pen. Other markers, paints should not leave any stains or marks, but of course due to the fact that there is a variety of paints or materials used for drawing and painting which are available on the market, not all of the products have been tested by us.

Do not iron.

Machine wash at 30°.

Advantages of Tyvek® - the textile used for making the apron:

safe for the delicate skin of children

nontoxic (Tests have shown no skin irritation, swelling or allergic reaction.)

air and water vapour permeable

light and soft

durable and tear resistant

multiple usage, can be machine washed at 30°

can be recycled and is eco-friendly (it can be safely disposed of, does not influence ground waters).

Sizes of aprons:

6-12 months (68-79 cm)

12-18 months (80-85 cm)

18-24 months (86-91 cm)

2-3 years (92-97 cm)

3-4 years (98-103 cm)

4-5 years (104-109 cm)

10 Items

Data sheet

150 cm

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